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Jennifer Pool - Digital Designer

The Spice Grind

Project Overview

Client or Class: WGD251 - Responsive Design, DeVry Institute

Develop a simplistic website to highlight our products within a 4-week timeframe and budgeted resources. Site should rely on basic designing (html5 & css3) and minimal JavaScript. Pages must include a sign-up, contest, and coupon with a printable version available for download.

Design Stats

: November 2018
: Allura | Open sans
  • :
  • #333333
  • #bb422b
  • #ffffff
  • #4c372e
: Illustrator, Dreamweaver, XD
: PowerPoint
: Company logo
: wireframes
: workflow
: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

: Visit The Spice Grind website

Design Process

The focus of this project was to build a website mobile-first with an emphasis on simple coding through html5, css3, and minimal JavaScript. I started with the basic concept of a company that sold spice grinders and spices, then developed a logo, wireframes, and workflow for the site. I purchased a license for all imagery from Adobe Stock Photos so that I could focus solely on building the website for each size iteration.

The logo created for the site using Almaq Rough & Adorn Pomander fonts
The mobile frames in XD
The finished mobile screen version
The larger screen frame in XD
The finished larger screen version
The tablet view was also addressed
The addition of a PDF copy of the coupon completes this project

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