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Tagine Cut out

Project Overview

Client or Class: Personal Project

My intent on this piece of art was to attempt some new techniques with Illustrator while also developing a viewpoint of one of my most beloved cooking vessels. Debatably, its origins are stem from Morocco, but no one can deny the popularity of this cooking vessel in this region. The trick to cooking with a tagine is that its hollowness allows small amounts of liquid to steam and fall back into the meal condensing flavors. This piece shows the hollowness of the cooking vessel.

Design Stats

: July 2018
: Adobe Illustrator

  • :
  • #152b51
  • #cd6a44
  • #b35e3b
  • #995033
  • :
  • #80432a
  • #663522
  • #4c281a

Design Process

I created this piece using a vector blank, then choosing my colors from familiar colors of clay and creating a palette bar. Each successive inner shape was created with an Offset Path then lines were smoothed out in Outline view. After adding each color to the respective layer, I added Drop Shadow effects and a Film Grade to give it a realistic feel. After satisfied with each layer, I created a clipping that hid the visuals outside of the artboard to create the final version.

Final artwork framed
Original outline of a tagine and the selection of the color palette
A view of the layers, one on top of another, and palette bar
Outline view to smooth out the lines and a view of several of my layers

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