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Jennifer Pool - Digital Designer

Tea Room Gallery

Project Overview

Client or Class: WGD242 - Advanced Web Design, DeVry Institute

To develop an online presence for a unique coffeehouse business that services the local community’s artistic pursuits. The company requires a logo and interactive website that identifies with the business’s atmosphere of comfort and local community support. We will want a page for each of our sections – our menu, our galleries who host art from local artists, our live entertainment, and our library. We also need a page for upcoming events and a contact page with a form.

Design Stats

: May 2018
: Baumans | Open sans
  • :
  • #4d4d4d
  • #b3806b
  • #86b36b
  • #4c372e
: TechSmith Camtasia
: Dreamweaver, Illustrator
: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript focusing in jQuery

: Visit the TeaRoom Gallery Website

Design Process

Each week we were tasked to add a dynamic item to our website that involved interactivity for the focus audience. This included CSS and jQuery controls, a slider, a hide/display animation, parallax scrolling, addition of video, and form & form validation. In the last week of class we wrote up a post-mortem on what we’ve learned and attached this as an extra page to the project.

TeaRoom Gallery logo created in Illustrator
Clicking on a tab will reveal a submenu
Installed a dynamic slider with 3 animated visuals
Created a short video and installed it to the menu
Created a parallax page with both horizontal and vertical scroll
Developed a scroll-in for social media
Added required form elements and validation

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